M&M Grouting Service, Inc has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Here are just a handful of companies with Gas Engine/Compressor Foundations  that have been engineered, re-grouted, and repaired by M&M Grouting Service, Inc in just the last ten years.

Amoco Chemical Company      ABB/C.E       Amerada Hess Oil Corporation       ANR Pipeline        ARAMCO      Arkla Energy Resources Atochem North America, Inc.       C.N.G. Transmission Co.    

 Carrier Corp.     Central Ill. Public Service    Channel Industries Gas    City Of Goodland 


Citizens Gas & Coke Utilities     Citgo      Coastal Petroleum      Colorado Interstate      Columbia Gas      Coltex Industries     Duke Energy      Encore Wire Corp.      Engineering & Erectors      Enron Methanol      Exxon Chemical Company  Exxon Offshore      Florida Gas Transmission   


Harold H Miura, Ic.      Hatch & Kirk      Hess Oil Irving Oil      Hess Oil Virgin Islands, Corp. Holloman Construction      Houston Pipeline      In Place      Pullins Construction, Co.      Unocal     

Union Carbide      KN Energy, Inc.     Kentucky Utilities      Lion Oil Company    Lone Star Pipeline  


MKP Operating       M&M/Mars      Marathon Oil       Midwestern Pipeline   Mobil Oil Company      NGC Energy Resources      Natural Gas Pipeline      Nerco Energy      Northwest Pipeline      OXY/NGS       PCI      People Gas    Reynolds French Co.      SMU      Sandia Natl. Lab      Southern Natural

    TXU Filed Services   Tennessee Gas Pipeline      Tenneco Energy      Texaco      Texas Eastern      Trident      Trinity Contractors      Warren Petroleum Co.    Washington Iron Works     William Natural     Panhandle Eastern Pipeline    NRG/Northern natural Gas      

Questar      Cameron/GE    DCP Midstream                   


Just to name a few....

Gas engine and compressor foundations repaired and regrouted by M&M Grouting Service, Inc

Dresser-Rand                      Ingersoll-Rand                       Clark                       Cooper-Bessemer                       Worthington    412 KVSR                             412 KVS                                     TCV-10                       GMXH-6                                         UTC-8

512 KVSR                             412 KVSR                                  TCV-12                       GMXH-8                                         ML-10

TCVD-10                               512 KVSR                                  TCV-16                       GMVA-6                                         ML-5

                                              512 KVR                                    TCV-20                       GMVA-10

                                              82 KVG                                      TCVD-10                    GMVA-12

                                              84 KVGR                                    HRA-6                       GMVH-10

                                              123 KVG                                     HRA-8                       GMV-10

                                              512 KVT                                     HLA-8                        16V-250

                                              616 KVT                                     TLA-8                         8W-330

                                              36 SVG                                       TLA-10                      16W-330  

                                              48 SVG                                       RA SERIES               GMW SERIES

                                              HHE'S                                         CR-4                          LM SERIES


A few others:

Nordberg            Wire Winders           Centerfuges       Coal Car Mover             Wartsilla 16TM

A/C Chillers       GE 30,000 HP        Main Air Blower         Skids       

Turbines       Pielstick Generator      Pump Pads